Simon Niklaus, Ph.D.
Revisited Convolution revisiting adaptive convolutions for video frame interpolation
Dual Dereflection learned dual-view reflection removal
Softmax Splatting softmax splatting for video frame interpolation
3D Ken Burns synthesizing the 3D Ken Burns effect from a single image
Context Synthesis context-aware synthesis for video frame interpolation
Separable Convolution video frame interpolation via adaptive separable convolution
Adaptive Convolution video frame interpolation via adaptive convolution
arXiv DOOM a parody of the ever-increasing amount of papers that appear on arXiv
NES Memoryview visualizing the value of each byte in an NES as a time series
WASM Raytracer experimenting with WebAssembly by benchmarking a simple raytracer
Rollercoaster Tycoon an overview of a hobby of mine revolving around a classic video game
Connect Four play connect four against a easy / medium / hard computer
Mini Chess play chess on a smaller board against a easy / medium / hard computer
Rotating Pipes click to rotate the pipes until all pipes are connected again
Youtube Watchmarker a Firefox extension that marks watched videos on YouTube as such
Visual Computing an intro to visual computing with a focus on practicality
Artificial Intelligence ļ¬nding optimal and satisfying solutions to combinatorial games
Web Development full stack web development from the front-end to the back-end